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4 Contactless Payment Options for Your Business

Jul 10, 2023 Novedades

During 2020, shopping experiences have been unlike anything we have ever experienced. COVID-19 forced many small businesses to quickly adapt to a new normal in order to survive, implementing new payment processes, moving brick-and-mortar inventory to e-commerce, rolling out curbside pickup and more. As businesses begin reopening for in-person sales, customers will be looking to keep their distance from one another and avoid touching surfaces, making touch-free and remote payment methods more important than ever.

There are many options for accepting contactless payments, so take some time to explore your choices and find the best fit for your business.

1) Contactless Card and Mobile Payments
All credit card terminals offered at CaniPayCapital have the ability to accept contactless or mobile payments through Apple Pay®, Android Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay®, which are quick and secure. If you need a device with more sophisticated capabilities like inventory, payroll, or restaurant management, explore a fully loaded POS system that is better equipped to accept this style of payment.

For those of you offering delivery, curbside pickup, or any other option that doesn’t allow you to operate from within your brick-and-mortar, SwipeSimple is perfect. This Bluetooth device connects right to your cell phone so you can accept credit cards no matter where you are!

2) Online Payments
Moving your brick-and-mortar business online might be necessary to ensure operations continue running smoothly. Platforms like Shopify let you easily build an online website so your customers can have access to your products without needing to worry about face-to-face interactions.

3) Recurring Payments
Automatic recurring payments are an easy way to accept payment from your repeat customers without any contact at all. Any businesses that offer services on a monthly basis would be a perfect fit for this option. Gyms, tanning salons, and lawn services are all examples of industries we see utilizing this option quite a bit.

Additionally, services like SwipeSimple allow you to set up recurring payments with your customers, invoice them, and also accept in person payments all for just $10/month. (We partner with SwipeSimple, so we know their service is great!)

4) Electronic Invoicing
Invoices are most commonly used in industries that offer a service of some kind, but during COVID this is a great option to consider. With electronic invoicing, your customers can securely pay you through the invoice they receive via e-mail, and you can keep track of their payments in real time. If you are taking phone orders, sending an invoice is a great option to make sure you get payment before picking up or shipping out.

Finding the best payment processing option for your business can be hugely impactful in ensuring a continuous revenue stream during COVID-19 and into the future. For more tips on making the right choices for your business, browse our blog!

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